God Help Me to Remember…Arlesia C.

Dear God,

Help me to remember that my life is in your hands.

Help me to remember that no mistake I have made is to big for you to fix.

Help me to remember that you love me even in the midst of feeling lost.

Help me to remember that your power is stronger than any storm that rises.

Help me to remember that I have your love, protection, and mercy to always keep me safe.

In the moments when I feel like giving up, God just help me to remember.


Striving…Abigail Hall


I have been wounded, and I have wounded others in return.

My heart was broken, and I broke it further.

I put hammer to pottery and what I had spent so long protecting,


I dashed to pieces and left on the ground.

I abandoned my hope, fearing further insult and more damage.

And in that process I wound up with despair, anger, addiction,

slowly and quietly seeping, filling my head with arguments

and my heart with callouses.

Then you reminded me of your rightness, your glory, your purity,

that there’s only one thing worth obsessing over.

You sent messengers to live your love to me, to remind me of the goal, to show me

that no matter what it looks like, not all is lost.







The Present…by Cliff


He had a box that he called his own
A strange comfort when ever he felt

But then one day he put that box aside
In doing that he gave up his pride
My oh my to his suprise
What he could see with his own eyes

The beautiful gift of life,
The beautiful gift of time,
The beautiful gift of love,
All priceless gifts from God above

He left that box sometime ago
Now he’s here singing this ol song
Beautiful life, and time, and love
All priceless gifts from God above

Growth-Teach Me to Love Like You…Abigail Hall


Wring me out loving others and I will soak up your grace to be used anew.
Do I need to spend worry on myself?
You restore me—you are my sleep, my daily bread, my vacation.
I never have to wait for you to fill me—I open my heart and there you are.
When you’re gone, it’s my own doing—I have slammed the door in your face and caulked it shut, expecting you to come in through the window.