Christian Fiction

“The Power of Prayer”…Muhammad White

There was a man who was scheduled to work at 9am  as a high school janitor. The man was very upset because he didn’t have the proper gas in his car to make it back home from work, and payday was 3 days away. He was tempted to call in, but he knew he couldn’t afford not to go to work. As he was getting dressed for work he called a few family members and friends. After hearing NO several  times, he decided to quit calling. He got dressed and left the house for work.


Outside In..Muhammad White

There were 2 brothers, David and Daniel. They were always in competition with one another. The two brothers competed in everything basically. Sports, women, clothes, shoes, and even cars. David was three years older than Daniel, so he figured he was smarter than his brother David. David had found a car on Craigslist for $800.

The ad said I am selling a classic 1968 mustang worth thousands for only $800. Daniel said I wanna buy this car. David tried to talk him out of it, but Daniel was insistent on buying the old classic. The brothers set up an appointment to meet with the old man to look at the car. When Daniel and David saw the car, they were in shock.

The car had a busted windshield, three flat tires, no hood, and very rusted paint. David looked at Daniel and began laughing and making fun of the condition of the car. David said you can’t even drive the car home. Daniel looked at the old man and asked if he could pay $700 for the car, because it would cost $100 to tow it to the house. The old man said just give me $500. David called Daniel stupid for buying a piece of junk.

Daniel had the car towed to the house. The next day Daniel was looking around the car. He decided to look in the trunk. Inside the trunk was a dusty luggage bag. Daniel opened the luggage bag and saw an enormous amount of cash. He immediately called the old man and told him what he had found. The old man replied, I know. I purposely left it in there for whoever purchased the car from me. The old man said it’s $90,000 to be exact. The old man’s last words to Daniel was God Bless You! Then he hung up the phone.

The End….

God 1st, Me 2nd …

Grace and Mercy…Muhammad White

There was a very wealthy businessman who was always on time. He never clocked in or out late. Traffic was backed up once, he parked his car and rode his bike that he kept in the trunk the rest of the way to work. Another time he had a flat tire. He left his car parked and called for a cab to take him to work. Once again, on time.
Today, he was on his way to work. He saw an elderly lady who had fallen in the street of busy traffic. He said a Prayer for the lady as he passed by her. He proceeded through the light. Something in him would not let him keep going. He made a u-turn and went back to help the elderly woman. In 7 years, this was the FIRST time he had ever been late.
The man drove the lady to the hospital. He was very upset he was late. As he got ready to leave, a nurse stopped him. She told him that the elderly woman wanted to thank him. The businessman said I really don’t have time, I am already late. But once again, something in him wouldn’t let him leave. He walked into the elderly woman’s hospital room. She said I just want to thank you for saving my life. He said I wanna thank you for making me late. She said sorry.
As he was walking out the room, a live news shot of a building on fire popped onto the screen. The businessman read the caption. All employees dead, no survivors. He said hey, that’s my office. He looked at the elderly woman, and said, thank you for making me late.