Love Yourself…Muhammad White

Sometimes you want to run sometimes you want to hide but you can never decide because of your pride. You keep pressing the gas to leave the past because your memories and desires got you feeling down like four flat tires. Yet you still keep turning the ignition but that’s hard to do with no keys. You keep trying to pump regular gas in an unleaded situation but that’s hard to do without a handle.
You become so desperate in your situation that you are willing to get out of what you’re in and try to stop somebody else that you know nothing about for help.
But you don’t even know yourself when you look in the mirror you see somebody else.
A person with cataracts can spot true love a mile away yet you overlook it every single day. Some people say you’re looking for love in all the wrong places but I just believe that true love finds you.
It’s  just like hide-and-seek except you forget to count your blessings you already have before you go looking for new ones. Appreciate what is under your nose before you mouth off to your head which is only going to gossip to your heart. And you can’t beat that……

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