“The Power of Prayer”…Muhammad White

There was a man who was scheduled to work at 9am  as a high school janitor. The man was very upset because he didn’t have the proper gas in his car to make it back home from work, and payday was 3 days away. He was tempted to call in, but he knew he couldn’t afford not to go to work. As he was getting dressed for work he called a few family members and friends. After hearing NO several  times, he decided to quit calling. He got dressed and left the house for work.

While the man was driving on the interstate, he began talking to God. He said “God I have NEVER seen you, but I do believe in You”. I truly believe that You are real and answer Prayers. So the man began to Pray to God. After his Prayer he said Amen. As the guy was driving he heard a soft voice say, “Put on your seatbelt”. The man decided to listen and put  on his seatbelt.
As he was turning a curve on the interstate, he noticed a  motorcycle cop. The man kept driving, and saw the cop pull out onto the interstate. The motorcycle cop sped up and got behind  him. In his rearview mirror he saw the cop turn on his police lights. The man pulled over for the cop even tho he wasn’t breaking any laws. The cop walked up to his window and asked, “do you know why I pulled you over”? The man replied respectfully, no I don’t officer. The cop said I  pulled you over just to say thank you for wearing your seatbelt. The cop then pulled out $100 and said,  “God told me to give this to You”. The man took the money and said thank you officer, and proceeded to drive off. A mile up the road the man pulled over on the side of the interstate. With tears in his eyes, he began to give God Praise saying God I Truly know you’re REAL! THANK YOU GOD!
        The End !

One comment

  1. Muhammad- I have heard of this happening several times. Just a few weeks ago, I heard about the Lord providing an elderly lady with $85,000… back pay from the VA. And the VA told her to give up on it years ago, but she never stopped praying.


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