U.G.L.Y-Brittanee Slack

I have grown up around a lot of adults that love comedy. Years ago there was a comedian by the name of Jonathan Slocomb that was very well known at the time in the Gospel comedy aswan-2077219_1920rena. One of his most memorable lines was something to do with U.G.L.Y (You gotta love yourself). I think it is interesting that he could use a negative word and make it positive. Uglyness is mental and with a change of mind pattern anyone can be beautiful. The most beautiful people in the world are beautiful from the inside and it comes on the outside.

A lot of people focus more on outer looks instead of the inner. Even when exercising when you exercise your inner traits then it will come out and make exercising a lot easier. Some people need to exercise on a regimen and others do not and that all depends on genetics. As we begin to love God to the fullest extent that we should then we can become ugly and then beautiful again but not in the physical aspect but in the emotional,personality and spiritual aspect as well.

Today be u.g.l.y but we when you are make sure you work really hard at being u.g.l.y. After you become u.g.l.y enough you can fully realize who you are in Jesus and on a personal level as well.


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