No Resolutions But I Will Resolve Things…Brittanee Slack

Growing up I made it a point to make Christmas lists and new year’s resolutions. As I mature and become older I realize that that yearly resolutions are not needed but are fine to make. Every day we have the option to make changes to make our lives better or worst. This is the year that everything I do has an end result that will improve things around me and not make things worst. For years I lived a life of no worries and concerns so the resolutions didn’t hold a lot of weight.


After dealing with a lot of losses in my life and assuming that everything would stay the same and it didn’t I realized that my approach to everything I do needs to be adjusted. When I began to write this I wanted to focus on the fast that my Bishop has me on but now I have realized that from this fast nothing that I originally consider ever comes out of my mouth or typed anymore.

My thoughts are clear and I am finally at the focus level that I have been trying to reach and it is a great benefit to me in my personal life and career. The term,”Make America Great Again” is used quite a bit but let’s try to just,”Be Great Again.”Being great may mean different things to different people people but find your great and run with it.


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