How Often Do You Pray? By Cassie Wilson

Back in October, my church was holding Homecoming services. I am not for certain how other churches conduct Homecoming, if they have it at all, but at my church, it’s two nights of church services on Friday and Saturday night with an “all day” meeting on Sunday. I put all day in quotation marks because we have giant feast as a late lunch and well, after that much food, everyone usually heads home for a much needed nap.


It was during one of these services when a visiting preacher said something that really stood out to me. He said “If you tied a cow up in your backyard and feed it only when you prayed, what would your cow look like?”

Oh, wow. Let that sink in for a second.

Without raising hands or pointing fingers, how many of us would have a dead cow on our hands? Or at least a cow with more than a couple ribs showing and real close to kicking the bucket?

My mother likes to tell the Sunday School kids that praying is a lot like talking to your best friend. When you do not talk to your friend for a while, distance sneaks in and can put a strain on the relationship. The same thing happens when we become neglectful in our prayer life. We begin to feel that God is distant from us, even though it is us that put that distance there.

Sometimes when we forget to pray and neglect to leave our problem’s in God’s hands, we think we can fix our problems ourselves, only to look up and see a tiny issue is now looming taller than Mt. Everest with no solution in sight. Sticking our own hands into the midst of life’s problems only makes the problem worse. If we pray about our issues and problems, ask for direction from God, and leave it with him, we’d have answers to our prayers and fewer problems.

Prayer leads to answers and understanding. The Bible says the Lord knows what we need before we ask, but Jesus also says in James that we have not because we ask not. Jesus wants us to ask Him for the things we need. Prayer allows us to do just that, while also providing peace, comfort, and renewing that can only come from God.

How’s your cow looking? Is it fattened and healthy? Or could it use an extra meal or two a day?

Keep the faith-



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