You Were Made for the Load…Cassie Wilson

A couple of weeks ago, we had a surprise visiting preacher at church on a Sunday night. My pastor, who seems to have heard every preacher under the sun preach, hadn’t heard this guy preach a message before. So, I think we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see how this would go.

Ever been in church before and someone preached a dry, moldy message? You know, the kind you immediately forget as you walked out the door and had to really rack your brain to remember what the title was on the drive home?  I know I’ve heard several messages like that. This message from the mystery preacher, though, was the exact opposite. Even though this message was preached a couple weeks ago, it’s one I still find myself pondering about because it just made sense. It was like the leftovers your grandma sends home after a huge Sunday lunch. The more you dig in the doggy bag, the more goodness you find.

The preacher started off by reading the first few passages of Matthew 21. This particular story talks about the disciples going to get the colt for Jesus to ride into the village. I’ve heard these passages preached a dozen times before and thought I’ve heard it preached about every way it could have been taught. But, turns out, I hadn’t. Instead of the preacher talking about the disciples being obedient in Jesus’s request or the selflessness of the colt owner by giving his colt to Jesus, he preached on the colt itself.


 I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “What is so important about this colt that he had an entire message about it?”  Most people just read the passage and never give another thought to the colt. But did you ever stop and think that God made that colt especially for Jesus to ride on? He made the colt especially for that load. I didn’t think about it. That is, until the preacher pointed my attention to it and related it to our own lives.
Just like the colt, you are made for the load you are carrying. If you’re like me, you might be carrying loads and burdens that no one else knows about but you and God. You may even be wondering why you’re having to carry the burden.  But you’re carrying it because you were made to carry it.

God gave you the burden, say of a lost soul or the health of a friend, because He knows you are strong enough to carry that burden in prayer until a blessing from Heaven rains down. God didn’t give you anything to punish you. He gave you the burden because He knew you could handle it.


Don’t give up on what (or who) you are praying for. Eventually, you will see that prayer through if you pray without ceasing. Don’t lay down your load because you feel like giving up. You were made for that load.

Keep the faith,


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