Who Guides Your Life…Cassie Wilson


A couple of weeks ago on the way to work, I heard a radio commercial explaining why an everyday walk with Jesus is much easier than a walk without Him, even if the road gets a little rough at times. The commercial caught my attention and has stuck with me since then. I’ve heard many a preacher and Sunday School teacher explain why life is better with Jesus, but I’ve never heard it explained quite the way the radio commercial did.

Imagine with me for a minute, dear reader, that you are in a new, unfamiliar place without a map, without road signs, and no one to ask for directions. You end up wandering around for hours trying to get your bearings and the lay of the city, but soon find that it’s getting dark. “Ah, ha!” you think. “I’ve got a flashlight and I’ll keep walking to find my way!” So, you pull out your trusty flashlight from your bag, but find that you weren’t as prepared as you thought you were. The batteries are weak and dying and like the last bit of light draining from your flashlight, so drains your last bit of hope.

While this scenario may be a far stretch in the day and age of cell phones with GPS and all of the world’s information literally at your fingertips, it’s not so far of a stretch when you think about walking through life without Jesus. If we do not have Jesus in our lives, we do not have anyone to confidently ask for direction, guidance, or answers. We will struggle to find our way, we will lose all hope, and we will miss the very purpose that we were placed on this earth to do.


If we accept Jesus into our lives as our Savior, we are given hope, strength, peace to carry on, and help in a time of need. The Bible tells us in Psalms 119:105 that “thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”. With Jesus in our lives, we never, ever have to navigate the path by ourselves, as long as we trust in Him, listen for His word, and hold tight to His promises. Any questions or problems that may rise up on our journeys, we can take straight to the One that holds all of the answers. We can place our trust in Him and His eternal promises, while also filling our batteries with hope for the rougher and more trying days that are sure to come.

So, dear reader, I ask you: Which would you rather do? Walk through life with Jesus as your guide? Or stumble through life struggling to find your way?

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Psalms 27:1

Keep the faith-







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