We are the Church-Not the Building…Muhammad White


Oftentimes we hear many people say, “we were born into sin”. I agree, but that’s only HALF the battle. Jesus died  for our sins, even before we were formed in our mother’s womb. He knows everything about us. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

There is NO hiding place in sin, but God’s Unconditional Love makes a special dwelling place for His people. Here is the issue. The church has become a place for “perfect ” people. The “lost” souls who are seeking refuge has nowhere to go because of “judgmental ” holier than thou people operating in a form of Godliness but denying the power OF God.

Everything God allowed you to go through, was not meant to bring you shame, but to produce a Testimony of how He delivered you out of your struggle. (hopeless situation) In that, you might help deliver someone else >who can identify <  with what you just came out of. But we become Spiritually  “nosy” so we can broadcast people shortcomings. Well no more God says  I am looking for a certain sound in the land, and it starts with a (transparent)  cry.



God loves whores,  cheaters, liars, thiefs,  etc. , just as much as He loves judgmental “church folk”. Your Ministry is LETTING DOWN THE KINGDOM of GOD, if it is not filled with Lost Souls.

The church is a hospital for the sick, a chiropractor for the broken, and a courtroom for the judged.  God is tired of people coming to and leaving from church the same way. Church is not a place we get together just on Sundays anyway. A church operates Monday through Saturday finding lost souls to introduce them to God’s altar on Sunday morning where they can be transparent and lay their struggles and issues at God’s feet.

Still think you are having church on Sundays by running around and shouting ?
How many “lost souls” were on your altar ?

God Bless,
Amen !


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