My Life as a Christian-Why Do I Follow Christ…Brittanee Slack

A lot of people often wonder why I am a Christian. Growing up I was blessed to be surrounded by different cultures in my family and at school with my diverse group of friends. I have a lot of mixed relatives and some of their mother’s do not believe in Christ but they respect him more than a lot of people who profess that God is their savior. Simple things like going to the store or even shopping can sometimes be interesting with them due to the different backgrounds. I didn’t really consider how different everything was until I had to lay my cousin to rest a couple of months ago.

I had to do something I have never done and that is attend a Cambodian funeral or burial service. It changed my life in a lot of ways and some cannot be written. As the service proceeded it was a different grieving process because of the cross of cultures. What I did notice is that the celebration of a person’s after life in Buddhism is far more extensive than in the Christian culture. Also, God is very patient with us.

My cousin had to become a monk to honor his brother and he had to shave all of the hair off of his head and his eyebrows. He couldn’t hug any female’s after the service due to the custom. He knew the Cambodian language better than I did from growing up in it but over time I have learned a little here and a little there. God allows us to get away with a lot of things that other religions do not allow.

I feel that because of the patience that God gives us he makes it so easy to love God and you can do it without trying to do anything extra. Both of the people in this article have attended church and are aware of who God is but due to culture differences then things become very interesting. Life has made me follow Christ. A lot of religions have less drama and they also offer different things than being a Christian does but the joy that I receive and the levelheadedness that God gives me can never be replaced or found in another religion and this is why I choose to follow him.


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