If Our Crowns are Like Charm Bracelets


Imagine a second with me, will you? The New Testament in the Bible tells us that once we reach heaven, we will be trading our earthly rags for a new robe and a starry crown. But, what if those stars in our crown were actually charms like charms you find on a charm bracelet? You’ve seen those teeny boppers with a whole bracelet full of charms, right? With the different charms to represent a different milestone in her life or just a charm for something she found funny? What if… what if our heavenly, starry crowns were the same way?



My sisters, my mom, and I were discussing this idea one evening as we working on cutting out different pieces of felt for that week’s Sunday school craft. If you know me, you know that my mother is a Sunday school teacher to the primary class at our church. We live and breathe all things Sunday school related in our house.


God gave us the task of teaching the children about salvation and everlasting life and it is not a job that any of us take lightly. As we were sitting there that evening, my sister said, “I guess if our starry crowns were like charm bracelets, we’d for sure have the ever-popular glue gun charm and a pair of scissors charm!” She was joking about it, of course, but her comment stuck with me and it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

What am I doing to gain stars in my crown?

I don’t ask that question in a way that means I want the most beautifully arrayed crown of all of Heaven. But I ask that in a way that means “What am I doing to help add souls to the kingdom?” Jesus clearly tells us all throughout the Gospels that He wants His believers to help build the Kingdom. Every little thing we do to help grow the Kingdom of God does not go unnoticed in Heaven.


We are called by Christ to go out and spread the Good News to everyone. When we do that, we are paving the way for others to receive eternal life and adding charms, if you will, to our crown as we go. You see, once you receive salvation, it’s not just about you anymore.

You’re called to be a light to others, to be a help in a time of need, and show others the way to Christ.

You may be adding your charms to your crown in a completely different way than I am. Do you volunteer in a soup kitchen because you felt called by the Lord to do so? That’s a ladle charm in your crown. Do you visit the elderly, sick, and widowed because you, too, felt called to do so? That’s a helping hands charm in your crown, too. Maybe you’re a street preacher and stand on the corner of a busy intersection spreading God’s love.


Another megaphone charm in your crown. Sure, everyone may be called and lead to do something different for the Kingdom and our starry crowns may not look the same, but if those acts help save one soul from eternal damnation or keep a soul walking along the straight and narrow, it is worth it and your efforts are noticed above.

So I leave you with just one question: What’s in your crown?

Keep the faith-



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