Hold on Old Soldier…Arlesia c.

When I was younger I would listen to gospel songs and to me they were just songs. Songs to sing along to. Songs that my dad would sing around the house and in the car. Songs I heard at church. I would watch people at church have certain reactions when someone sang a certain song. Some people would cry. Some people would shout. Some would even dance. I couldn’t understand what the big deal was. Well, let’s just say now I know better!

As I got older, and this thing called life got a hold of me, it all started making sense. I began to understand the crying and shouting. These songs spoke to people’s souls. They spoke to their pain. They spoke to their trials and their tribulations. They spoke to their victory after the storm.

 As I began to grow in my faith, and experience my own storms and trials, I found myself adding certain songs to my spiritual soundtrack. Hold On Old Soldier is one of those songs. This song truly speaks to those moments when I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. It gives me motivation and encouragement. It reminds me to simply do one thing….Hold on.


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