Grace and Mercy…Muhammad White

There was a very wealthy businessman who was always on time. He never clocked in or out late. Traffic was backed up once, he parked his car and rode his bike that he kept in the trunk the rest of the way to work. Another time he had a flat tire. He left his car parked and called for a cab to take him to work. Once again, on time.
Today, he was on his way to work. He saw an elderly lady who had fallen in the street of busy traffic. He said a Prayer for the lady as he passed by her. He proceeded through the light. Something in him would not let him keep going. He made a u-turn and went back to help the elderly woman. In 7 years, this was the FIRST time he had ever been late.
The man drove the lady to the hospital. He was very upset he was late. As he got ready to leave, a nurse stopped him. She told him that the elderly woman wanted to thank him. The businessman said I really don’t have time, I am already late. But once again, something in him wouldn’t let him leave. He walked into the elderly woman’s hospital room. She said I just want to thank you for saving my life. He said I wanna thank you for making me late. She said sorry.
As he was walking out the room, a live news shot of a building on fire popped onto the screen. The businessman read the caption. All employees dead, no survivors. He said hey, that’s my office. He looked at the elderly woman, and said, thank you for making me late.

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