Creative Ways To Stay Connected To The Creator…Brittanee Slack

I read a post on Facebook and many people wrote down suggestions of what kinds of devotions and study materials that are needed to get closer to God. I told the person on Facebook that I have a ton of suggestions and I will start off with one that is sticking out to me. From a Google search I found a website called This site reminds me of this one which is why I feel like it will be a great recommendation. What sticks out to me about this site is that they offer daily bible verses. I grew up having memory verses and the way that they integrated this into a modern format made me very excited. The first verse that I see involves faith.


What the Hypocrites Taught Me About God…Joe Misek

I was preparing a sermon last week on Matthew 6. The portions of Matthew 6 that we were studying were the well-known quotes from the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus told his followers to not act like “the hypocrites.” I always have some mixed feelings when I read about Jesus doing some name-calling, but he was referring to the Pharisees. The Pharisees, after all, pulled a few strings to get Jesus crucified. So that makes it easier for me to let go of the name-calling hang up.


God Help Me to Remember…Arlesia C.

Dear God,

Help me to remember that my life is in your hands.

Help me to remember that no mistake I have made is to big for you to fix.

Help me to remember that you love me even in the midst of feeling lost.

Help me to remember that your power is stronger than any storm that rises.

Help me to remember that I have your love, protection, and mercy to always keep me safe.

In the moments when I feel like giving up, God just help me to remember.


Love Yourself…Muhammad White

Sometimes you want to run sometimes you want to hide but you can never decide because of your pride. You keep pressing the gas to leave the past because your memories and desires got you feeling down like four flat tires. Yet you still keep turning the ignition but that’s hard to do with no keys. You keep trying to pump regular gas in an unleaded situation but that’s hard to do without a handle.